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Comment: no more than 2000 items allowed in a translation assignment


  1. Click Translate from the Assign Work to Users page. The Translate Assignment for <user> page is displayed.
  2. Select the Language you want the user to translate the item into from the drop-down list.
  3. Search for the desired items and select all the check boxes.


    The following items in a saved search are not included in a Translate assignment:

    • Items in the same language as the Language selected for the assignment (e.g., French items are not added to a French translation assignment)
    • Items already translated to the Language selected for the assignment
    • All items other than MCQ, One Correct Option, MCQ, Multiple Correct Options, Pull Down, Constructed Response / Oral, Display-Type, Fill in the Blank, Spreadsheet, External, and Compound. You must use the other translation method for the other item types.
    • Items in a Draft, Imported, or Obsolete state
    • Items not editable on the current project
    • Items based on the source item that have been translated into other languages
    • If the source language item is not part of the saved search, do not include the translated items

    If all the items in the saved search result are not valid for translation, then the Current Questions and Remaining count is set to 0.


    You are unable to create a Translation assignment if the group of items is more than 2000. When you create a search for translating items, DO NOT include more than 2000 items in the saved search.

  4. Click Save Search.
  5. A pop-up window opens enabling you to either replace the existing Saved Search, or to create new Save Search criteria. Click Submit.
  6. Click the Refresh List link.
  7. The Saved Search is now listed in the Specify Assignment drop-down list.
  8. Select the desired saved search from the Specify Assignment drop-down list.
    The number of items assigned to the user is listed.
  9. Click the Open Calendar button to select a Due Date.
    Note: The Assignment Due Date cannot be earlier than today's date.
  10. Click Save to add the assignment to the current user, or Cancel to discard the new assignment.
  11. Upon clicking Save, the current assignment details are displayed on the Assign Work to Users page.
  12. You can add multiple Translate assignments for the user. For example you may want the user to translate the same questions into multiple languages. Click the Translate button again and select a different Language
  13. Select the same search from the Specify Assignment drop-down list and click Save. The Current Assignments list all the Translate assignments.