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Outstanding known issues awaiting resolution are distinguished by PENDING.

If you need more information regarding the below "Known Issues", please contact your Application Consultant or email the support team on


7.2006 Release  



Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Select Page and All dropdown not working in Manage Itembank > Add content (D-40206)When a user is trying to Add contents to a project, the dropdown that is used to select the content will work for one time, but if a user tries to make a second selection it will not workThe user can either navigate back to the "Projects" page and then reselect the "Add Content" checkmark and the user can then use the dropdown to select All or Page. The user can also select the items individually to be added.PENDING


7.2004 Release  

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
References that are only viewable in a project cannot be added to an item (D-39315)When attempting to add a reference that is only viewable in a project to an item in the project, the user will receive an error message and will not be able to save the reference to the item.Make the viewable references editable in the projectPENDING
Duplicate reference is created when adding an existing reference to an item (D-39314)

When the user adds a reference to an item and then saves/submits the item, a duplicate of the reference that was added is created. This issue only occurs when adding references that were created prior to the 7.2004 release to an item. New references can be added without any issues.N/APENDING
Enemy data showing incorrect on custom report (D-39455)On the custom report, there are some items that are showing the question ID as an enemy to itself, instead of the correct item ID of the enemy item.N/APENDING
"Margin:" in a table does not allow valid qti to be exported

 if the text "Margin:" is included in a table, ED exports QTI with additional text between the ":" and the word "margin"

An example of this maybe: "Gross profit margin: 10%" workaround would be "Gross profit margin is 10%"

do not use ":" use an alternative word such as "is"PENDING