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  1. Click Write Question on the Select Questions tab at the bottom of the Add/Edit Case page.
  2. The Write Case Question page opens where you can author a new item.


    The Case accordion tab displays the Case Name, Exhibit Text, and lists any Assets on the case, and all Case Questions attached to the case.

  3. Author the new item following the rules for the selected item type.
  4. You have three options for saving the item:
    1. Click Save, the item is saved as a Draft and added to the case. You are returned to the Write Case Question page at the point where you can author a new item. The Case accordion lists your newly authored item. Click the Edit  button to edit the newly authored item.
    2. Click the Preview button. Changes to the item are saved, all items on the case remain checked-out, and the case opens in the Preview window. Only users with permission to preview items will see this button.
    3. Click Exit to Case and then click OK to confirm you want return to the case without saving the changes to the item. If you have not saved changes to the item, all changes for the item are lost when you click Exit to Case. Any items that were saved are listed in a Draft state on the Questions tab of the case. Click the Edit  button to edit the newly authored item. Only items in a draft state can be edited from the Add/Edit Case page.
    4. Click Submit All to Save the changes to the current item and Submit the item to the case, and to submit all Draft items on the case and promote them to the next state in the workflow. The case is saved and no items are left in the Draft state.


      When you click Submit All, any Point and Click items in a draft state are not submitted if they are missing Shapes or Shape Labels. You must correct the item and then resubmit the case.

  5. If there are any items still in the Draft state, click Submit All on the Add/Edit Case page. This saves changes to the case and submits all items on the case that are still in a Draft state and promotes them to the next state in the workflow. 


    When you view the case on the Add/Edit Case page, all items on the case are checked out. They remain checked out as long as you are active on this page.

    If you navigate away from the Add/Edit Case page, the items remain checked out for 5 minutes until ExamDeveloper checks them back in. Otherwise the Project Manager may manually Check-in the item from the Examine Questions page.

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To learn about editing a case, please visit Edit Cases.