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View List of Existing Cases

To view the Cases screen, click Develop Questions → Cases.

Randomize Order of Case Items

You can randomize the order of the items of a case (both types of cases) as required, and therefore the same order is maintained in the sections and exam forms to which the cases are added.

Lock Items of Cases

Locking the items of cases when added to an exam form hampers viewing or answering the items more than once by any user.

Edit Cases

You can add/submit new items to the G-Type Cases on editing.

Delete Cases

You can delete cases from a project. This does not delete the items from the project.

View the Case Contents

The View Case page displays the details about the case lead-in and the items associated with the case.

View the Case History

You can use the View Case History feature to see how the case has been generated.

Preview a Case

You can Preview a case as long as at least one item has been attached to the case.