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The Questions items for which statistics have been calculated show the Statistics tab on the Observe Questions page. The Questions items can be either be outside ExamDeveloper (i.e., imported), or can be from within the Project project used in an Exam Formexam form.


The Statistics tab has the following functions:



Analysis Group

Select an Analysis Group for the Questionitem. An analysis group can contain multiple analysis sets.

Analysis SetSelect an Analysis Set for the Questionitem.

Difficulty (p)

Displays the Question item Difficulty.

Discrimination (rpb)

Displays Question item Discrimination.


Displays Questions item's IRT values.

Candidates (N)

Displays the number of Candidates who attempted the Questionitem.

Options (A, B, C, etc.)

Displays the Answer Options of the Questionitem.

Options (N)

Number of Candidates who selected the Answer Optionanswer option.


The Score value for the Answer Optionanswer option.


Discrimination value of Answer Optionthe answer option.


Be Make sure to you click Save Changes to save any changes made.



The Observer page displays Questions items according to the Questions tab on the Projectproject's Configuration page.

The search criteria to be displayed in the search control panel will be is selected from the Search tab on the Projectproject's Configuration page.

Questions in Draft, Rejected, and Obsolete states cannot be retrieved in search results.