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You can group users into Committees, which will help helps you manage the assignment of permissions to users in the system.

titleAssignments for Committees

The main purpose of " Committees " in ExamDeveloper is to allow Project Managers to bundle permissions within ExamDeveloper. Keep in mind that item writing/review assignments (and communication about the assignments) are created for individuals, not committees. However, you can see general progress of all committee member's assignments using the Observer Dashboard.

Create or edit



Select the Manage → Users → Committees menu.




Edit the group name and Committee’s committee’s members.

Delete the Committeecommittee.


Names of existing Committeescommittees.

Near the bottom: Specify a name for the new Committee committee in the text box.

Assign Users

Users assigned to existing Committeescommittees.

Near the bottom: Use the list box, to select and add users to the new Committeecommittee. Hold the Control button on the keyboard to select more than one user.


Click Save after specifying a Committee committee name and selecting users from the Assign Users to it.