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Comment: Removed allow enemies on exams/sections



If you edit the exam section created above , you will see that the check box next to Allow Enemy items on this section is not selected even though the exam section was saved. This happens because the exam section Import method does not prevent enemies from being imported; it merely reports a warning message as mentioned earlier.

If you try to save this exam section by clicking the Save button, an error message informs you about the Question IDs of the enemy items and case IDs of the enemy cases. The message also lists Questions IDs present within any of the selected cases, when such items have an enemy association with any of the included Question IDs. The exam section is not saved and you are returned to the Create/Edit Exam Section page.

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You can click the validation rules link to view what rules were violated. Click Close to return to the Create/Edit Section page.

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If you repeat the above after selecting the Allow Enemy items on this section check box, then a message notifies you that includes enemy items, when you save the section a message notifies you that the section contains enemy content.

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Click the enemy content link to view the enemies on the section. Click the Close button to return to the Create/Edit Section page.

Image Modified

If you determine the enemy items should not be on the same section you must remove one of the enemy items.