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If you encounter this error while compiling your QTI, please consult with your application consultant.

titleNaming conventions followed by QTI Package files for idents with $ and #

For Section nodes:

When an exam form is exported to a QTI Package from the Delivery Configuration Tool page, all the Section nodes are are combined into a single file called Section.xml.

For ExamForm nodes:

All ExamForm nodes (Assessment nodes) are combined into a single file called Assessment.xml.

Under PearsonvuePrecondition (under ExamForm/Section nodes)

The $ and # replacement also happens on the following nodes LinkRefID attributes:

Variable Comparison (VARIABLE_COMPARISON)

Response Comparison (RESPONSE_COMPARISON)

Item State (ITEM_STATE)

The behavior is also seen for PearsonvueApplication - Calculator.


When an “&” (ampersand) symbol is used in a Question Stem or Answer Option, it is first carried to the “Itempool.xml” file.

 Therefore, an item with a Stem having an “&” symbol as below,

will have a Stem entry in the “Itempool.xml” file as below,

where the “&” is replaced by “&”, which is correct per HTML notation.

However, if the “Itempool.xml” is manually edited to change this entry to “&”, which is not its correct HTML notation, then it results in a compilation error in the Pearson VUE QTI Compiler and the compilation fails.


When any font attribute is modified for a MathML expression in the MathML window of any item, an error message similar to the one shown below is generated in the Pearson VUE QTI Compiler and the compilation fails.

This can be fixed by editing the "Itempool.xml" with a text editor such as Notepad. Locate the affected code at the mentioned line number(s) and move the font attributes block (including mathsize, mathvariant, mathbackground, and mathcolor) from the <m:mrow> tag, into the <m:mtext> tag as shown in the example below

Image RemovedImage Added