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  1. Name: Assign a Name for the exam form in the provided text box and select the radio button next to Exam Form to start creating an exam form.


    If an Exam Section is created by selecting its radio button and saving it, it can be used in more than one exam forms.

  2. Follow the below steps:
    1. Select the Create Exam Form → Auto Build menu.
    2. Enter the name of the exam form in the Name text box.
    3. Click the Assign to Exam button to open a pop-up window and proceed in one of the following two ways to provide an exam group to contain the exam form:

      1. To associate an existing exam group with the exam form:
        1. Select one of the exam groups in the list and click the Select button near the bottom of the window.
        2. The selected exam group is associated with the selected exam forms.


      2. To create a new exam group and associate the exam form with it:
        1. Enter a name for the new exam group in the Exam text box and click the Add New button.
        2. A new exam group is created with the specified name, and the exam form is associated with it.


          Retired exam forms are also included in the exam form count in the Exam Forms page.

  3. Select the required Language Code from the drop-down list. This ensures that the items and/or cases included in the exam form will have the same language code.
  4. Anchor
    Click the  Add icon to initialize the Criteria Set module in order to enter the filter and criteria details.

  5. In the first Criteria Set, select the check box for Include Case along with all its Questions, if one of the Questions on the Case meets the criteria or let it remain deselected (default). When this check box is selected, a case along with its items is included if one of the items on that case meets the search criteria. If you do not select this check box, cases are not included in the exam form at all for this Criteria Set.
  6. Filter the Questions Used: The Add Filter button allows you to add preset search criteria or create new search criteria. The pop-up shows two tabs:Select Criteria and Create new Saved Search

    To learn more about the Add Filter option, see the Add a Filter topic.

  7. Target # of Questions of current set: Specify the number of items that will make up the exam form via the current Criteria Set.


    The Target # of Questions of current set must be less than or equal to the item count (derived after you add filters for the items).

    If the Target # of Questions of current set in a Criteria Set is more than the Items Count, then an error message in red text is displayed and the Criteria Set cannot be saved.

  8. Select Criteria for Exam Form: This drop-down list has three options to select from - Question Blueprint Criteria, Question Metadata Criteria, and Commonality with Other Exam. Select the required target criteria and click the Add Criteria button.

    To learn more about the Add Criteria option, see the Add Criteria topic.

  9. Once a Criteria Set is ready, it appears on the Auto Build page as displayed below.

    • Cancel button: Cancel saving the Criteria Set and return to step 4.
    • Save button: Save the Criteria Set and return to Auto Build page as displayed below.


    The AutoSort check box allows you to toggle between automatically sorting the target criteria and manually dragging and reordering.

    When selected, the application places the target criterion with the least number of items at the top, and places target criteria with an increasing number of items below it, with the target criterion having the largest number of items appearing at the bottom of the stack.

    When the check box is not selected, the text "(Drag to reorder)" appears above the target criteria list, and you can drag the different target criteria to reorder them according to your requirements.


    Upon clicking Preview Result or Save, the application processes the target criteria in order from top to bottom.


    Random Selection check box on a target criterion, when selected, results in random items from the selected filter items being included in the exam form / section even when the selected target criterion is used again with the same criteria set(s), as long as they meet that target criterion. When not selected, the application selects items according to a preset algorithm, which results in the same items being included in the exam form / section for the same target criterion condition, even when the target criterion condition is used again with the same filter items.

    You can now proceed to either add more Criteria Sets by clicking the  Add icon.

    Upon adding more Criteria Sets, they are listed below the earlier sets.


    It is possible to edit or delete individual Criteria Sets by clicking their corresponding  Edit or  Delete icons respectively. It is also possible to move the Criteria Set up or down via drag and drop with the mouse. The Criteria Sets are processed from top to bottom.

  10. Click the Preview Result button to view the number of items selected against your Criteria Sets (as shown below). It also shows the number of cases selected into the exam form.

    • Back To Criteria Set button: Go back to the Auto Build page where you can add/delete more Criteria Sets (step 10, image 4).
    • Save buttton: The exam form is saved and you are returned to the View Exam page.
    • Cancel button: The exam form is not saved and you are returned to the Auto Build page.



    An warning message in red text is displayed if you click Preview Result and the selected number of items exceeds the expected number of items for the exam form (Total # of Questions).


    If you click Save, the following pop-up appears. Clicking YES saves the exam form with the Total # of Questions. Clicking NO returns you to the previous page.

    You can select the Exam Section radio button instead of Exam Form and follow a similar procedure to Auto Build an exam section. If you select Exam Section, then you cannot assign it to any exam group, so the Assign to Exam button disappears.