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Outstanding known issues awaiting resolution are distinguished by PENDING.

If you need more information regarding the below "Known Issues", please contact your Application Consultant or email the support team on


7.2004 Release  

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
References that are only viewable in a project cannot be added to an item (D-39315)When attempting to add a reference that is only viewable in a project to an item in the project, the user will receive an error message and will not be able to save the reference to the item.Make the viewable references editable in the projectPENDING
Duplicate reference is created when adding an existing reference to an item (D-39314)

When the user adds a reference to an item and then saves/submits the item, a duplicate of the reference that was added is created. This issue only occurs when adding references that were created prior to the 7.2004 release to an item. New references can be added without any issues.N/APENDING
Enemy data showing incorrect on custom report (D-39455)On the custom report, there are some items that are showing the question ID as an enemy to itself, instead of the correct item ID of the enemy item.N/APENDING
"Margin:" in a table does not allow valid qti to be exported

 if the text "Margin:" is included in a table, ED exports QTI with additional text between the ":" and the word "margin"

An example of this maybe: "Gross profit margin: 10%" workaround would be "Gross profit margin is 10%"

do not use ":" use an alternative word such as "is"PENDING


7.2003 Release 

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Reporting Groups show wrong item count in Exam Editor (D-39203)When building an exam with reporting groups based on blueprint area, if items within the blueprint are present within more than one section, the count on the reporting group page shows the cumulative number of appearances for all items within the sections instead of the number of unique items.Manually copy all ID's to Excel (or equivalent) and then delete the duplicate entries to get a unique countPENDING
Score Reports - Presentation.xml change from Display-Type to External item type

Linked to Convert Display-Type item to External item if it contains presentation Asset XML : Version 7.2003:

If a score report was created using a Presentation.xml, the item identifier within the QTI Item Snippet must match the ExamDeveloper QuestionID, otherwise the item will not export and you will receive an unresolved reference error when compiling the QTI.

Search for the external item type, select modify and change the first line which states the item identifier to match the ED QuestionIDPENDING
Thumbnails for assets that are set as exhibits are exporting the "Asset not in an approved state" image instead of the asset image (D-38884)

When an asset that has been set as to display as an exhibit (rather than inline) is exported is placed on an item in an exam form and the QTI is exported, the thumbnail that is generated for the asset show an "Asset not in an approved state" image rather than the actual asset image.

 Version 7.2004

 7.2001 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Scored=False appearing twice for External Items (D-38152)When the Scored=false setting is set within External Items (part of <itemproc_extension>), the setting is duplicating in the itempool.xml export.Delete the duplicate tag in the itempool.xml.Version 7.2003
Select One within PearsonvueSectionControl not saving (D-38536)When building an exam and attempting to change  a value in the SectionprocExtension > PearsonvueSectionControl from either "true/false" to "Select One" an error message is presenteddelete the section from the template and then re-adding it with the correct information

Version 7.2004

Case scenario returned with questions (D-38205)When a case is added to a section, the display scenario was also added to the items to be displayedDelete the display item before adding to examVersion 7.2004

7.1912 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Secondary LOFT Constraints not allowing QTI to export (D-38123)When secondary LOFT constraints are applied and selected in the build QTI page, you are unable to export QTI.Secondary constraints cannot be applied.Version 7.2001 (Patch)
Pop-up message when clicking on OutcomesProcessingMapped or OutcomesProcessingNda in Build QTI page (D-37819)

When a user clicks on either the OutcomesProcessingMapped or OutcomesProcessingNda nodes in the Build QTI page, a "DataTables warning" pop-up message appears. No impact on saving or exporting exam.

Click on OK in the pop-up message to bypass the pop-up message.Version 7.2003
LOFT Constraints not saving (D-37945)LOFT Constraints not saving when applied to the build QTI page.N/AVersion 7.2001

Using "Get PubMed ID" for journal references causing time out (D-37807)

When a user tries to add a reference to an item and uses the "Get PubMed Reference" to get the information, the system times out and does not bring back the reference informationManually enter the reference data onto the item

Version 7.2001

Selection Node not saving (D-37921)When Selection Numbers (Preselection or Selection) were added to an Exam (either through an exam template or directly from the QTIBuilder View), the Selection Node would not Save.Add the Selection Node immediately prior to exporting the exam on the Builder Screen. No workaround for saving the node prior, however.Version 7.2002
Form Resetting to Template Level (D-38136)A user has an exam with a DT template and modifies the QTI on the BuildQTI page. The user then saves and modifies a value on the Add Exam page (i.e adding a section). Then, the user navigates back to the BuildQTI page. The result is that the data saved on the Add Exam page (i.e the section added) is now gone, and the exam is viewable again.N/AVersion 7.2005
Metadata values being duplicated for Single Line text fields (D-39115)When a metadata field is set as a Single Line Text field, there is only one value allowed to be set on the item. When that value is replaced on the item from the modify screen, it is seen that the value is duplicated in the contents of the metadata field.N/APENDING


7.1910 Release


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
User disabled immediately with subsequent incorrect login after previous lock out (D-37105)

A user, who was previously locked out due to 5 incorrect password attempts, will be immediately disabled if the next login attempt is made with an incorrect password.

A project manager, item bank manager, or admin can re-enable the user.7.1911


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Internet Explorer: Enhanced Matching Question - Unable to add tokens, label, target in the editor. (D-29409)Users have the inability to modify or create Enhanced Matching questions in the Internet Explorer Browser.Please proceed to use Google Chrome or Firefox.7.1806
Itembank Viewer/ Asset Viewer permissions not able to be set (D-29710)From the Manage Itembank > Users Edit area, when a manager tries to assign a user one of the Viewer permissions, the manager is kicked out. This permission is not able to be added to a user. 7.1807
Equations used in Metadata fields do not load (D-30807)When an item has an equation that is used in a block text metadata field, it will not load in the equation editor. 7.1812
Custom report fails when including "associations" (D-30482)When a user runs a Custom Report and chooses "Associations" to be included in the report, the report can sometimes fail. It is found to happen more often when there are large numbers of items included in the report.Run the report on a smaller group of items (50 or less) if associations are needed7.1810

7.1804 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Items changing Review states after removing review states from project (D-29423) STILL ANALYZING IF THIS HAPPENS IN A PREVIOUS RELEASEWhen a user removes a review state from a project, even if there are no items in that state, the system can move items to a different state in the workflow.Please run a custom report prior to removing any review states from a workflow so that the item states can be reviewed after removing it.7.1807

7.1803 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Not able to submit item with Exam Advisor setting on (D-29109)The setting "Check for spaces between sentences" is stopping some items from being submitted even if there is a space between sentences.  Turn off setting while editing the items that are causing the error7.1806
Write Question Link is showing when "Restrict Users to only write assigned questions" is checked.(D-29237)The setting "Restrict Users to only write assigned questions" checkbox when checked is not working properly, allowing users to write any questions they would like. 7.1902
Min Max settings on Point and Click Items in QTI (D-29321)Before 1803 when authoring Point and Click items (Hot Spot/Hot Area) when exporting items in QTI Min/Max settings were automatically coded in the QTI based on the number of correct responses. In version 1803 this setting has been removed giving the candidate the ability to specify more responses than the number of correct responses.Enable Min/Max configuration from the Manage-->Settings–>Configuration page. Set the Min max for Point and click items to # correct for each property.7.1805
Validation information not coming out in Custom Report (D-32454)Items that have undergone validation and have validation data attached will not export that data in the Custom Report when checked.Report for Blueprint Validation Angoff Information by Item7.1902


7.1802 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Draft/Reject Count not Updated in Dashboard (D-28632)If a user has no current writing assignments, the Draft/Reject count in their Writer dashboard will show as 0, even if that user has items in the Draft/Reject state on the Project Writing Summary page. 7.1804

7.1801 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Changing target and token size in EM items causing page to be unresponsive (D-28475)When editing Enhanced Matching items, if a user sizes the target or token boxes smaller than the size of the text in the box, the application will become unresponsive and the user will have to force stop the page in order to proceed. 7.1805
Include Previously Reviewed checkbox not working (D-28476)When a user completes their review assignment, it no longer shows on the Summary page since it is complete. Clicking the "Include Previously Reviewed" checkbox will bring back items that the user has reviewed before if there are still items in the assignment. Checking that box will not bring back items if the assignment has been completed. 7.1812
(Exam/Section) Clone and Translate failingWhen translating a form or section to a targeted language the process is failing. Users will noticed when attempting to clone and translate an exam form the process appears to complete immediately but the form is never created. For sections the process continues to run and the system eventually times out with no section created. Manually create your translated form/section using search criteria 7.1802
Split screen Ratio not able to be setWhen adding an asset at the exam level, you are not able to change and save the ratio from 45%. 7.1802
Allow all Permissions role causing error (D-28674)When the Allow All Permissions role was given to a user previously or tried to assign it as a new role, when trying to save the page the user will be kicked out.Give the user the Manage Project role and a role that has Writer, Reviewer permissions7.1804
Review Counts not showing correctly (D-29117)For some users the counts showing on their dashboards and the summary screens are not showing the correct counts of items. When the user clicks the button to complete the assignment the correct numbers does show in the queue.Deleting the assignment and reassigning it does correct the count for the user7.1805
Not able to delete some exam forms (D-28241)When trying to delete some exams, users receive an error stating "Error while deleting an exam"  7.1803

7.1712 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Reviewers can see all projects (D-27656)When a user has reviewer permissions in one project and logs into the application, they are able to see all of the project names under an itembank. The user is not able to click on the project or see any content within the project, just able to see the names of the projects on the dashboard. 7.1801
Changes to Dashboard (D-28704)Projects load slower in some itembanks when switching between projects. Also the list of projects showing on the Writer, Reviewer and Validator tabs on the Dashboard are no longer in alphabetical order. 7.1805


7.1710 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Choose My Own configuration Custom Report failing (D-27260)When the Choose your own Configuration Custom Report is run on a large number of items, it is failingRun the report on smaller batches7.1801
Cursor moves when modifying comment text (D-27050)When modifying comment text, the cursor will move randomly after initially specifying a cursor location to make modifications. 7.1812
'Cloned To' lists item multiple times (D-27053)The History of the original item lists the cloned item multiple times in the 'Cloned To', this is due to revisions. 7.1712

7.1709 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Text in Enhanced Matching items showing too large (D-28702)A conversion that changed the text in Enhanced Matching items from pixels to points in ExamDeveloper has made the text in the editor to show larger than it would be in the TSS. 7.1805
Review Assignment counts are not updating for an Item Reviewer (D-26758 & D-26759)Item Reviewer assignment counts are appearing incorrectly than from the Manage > Users > Assign Questions for that specific Item Reviewer user.Deleting the item reviewer assignment and recreating the review assignment based on the same criteria.7.1711
Enhanced Matching - Assets in Label Boxes disappearing (D-26773)When selecting 'Apply' for the label properties, the asset that is was initially attached is disappearing.Please use the 'Reset' button to retain the asset.7.1712
Paste from Word is keeping styles which are unsupported (D-26193)Using the paste to word and QTI is generated there are some unsupported attributes that cause the QTI to crash during compilation 7.1712
Unable to modify label text alignment in Enhanced Matching Items (D-26652)Attempting to modify an existing enhanced matching item, the ability to realign the label text properties will not be applied. 7.1712
Unable to export External Items that contain Spanish character symbols (D-26696)
  • Create an External Item with Valid QTI containing an &iacute; or &oacute; or &aacute; or &iquest; or &ntilde; or &eacute; character
  • Submit the item without saving (if you save the item the characters are converted to their respective HTML entities and thus cannot be saved)
  • Add the item to an exam form and export

Actual Result: Error is returned 

"You are seeing this because an error occurred servicing the current request. Please quote the error described below when reporting the problem. An unspecified error has occurred. It is possible you may have been logged out of the system."

Side Note: You cannot actually add these HTML entities in the External Item QTI Editor, when you paste in QTI containing the physical em-dash or en-dash character the system automatically converts them to HTML entities after saving the item. 7.1710
Option labels are being exported when the 'Turn Off Option Label' checkbox is selected (D-26656)Selecting the exam form to build QTI Package and checking the box for 'Turn Off Option Label' at the section level. After saving and exporting the QTI still contains the for the Option Label.Modify the QTI to remove the option label.7.1712
linkrefid not being exported on QA Review form (D-26554)Exporting a QA review form with an exam where External Id is being used as the item identifier, the linkrefid is not being exported for questions that have no external id. 7.1712


7.1708 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
"Choose your Own Configuration" Custom Report not downloading correctly (D-26680)When running the Choose your Own Configuration report from the Custom reports page, the report is generated, however when the user tries to download the report, it is saved without the correct file extension (.xls or .xlsx) This is found only when using FirefoxUse a different browser or after saving the file, rename it to add the correct file extension before opening7.1712
Options automatically reordering when on Metadata tab and hitting Return (D-26110)

When creating or modifying an item with either option labels as Alphabetic or Numeric, then navigate to the Metadata tab and without adding or modifying hitting 'Enter"

Result: It will automatically reorder alphabetically or ascending

NOTE: This is occurring since 7.1702 release

Modifying the font size for an option utilizing MathML, error occurs (D-26085)When attempting to modify the font size of an Option and submitting, user is presented an error and must login back into the application. (One client specific) 7.1711
Unable to export External Items with &mdash and &ndash HTML entities (D-25821)

External Items with a &mdash; or &ndash; entity fail to export. This is valid QTI and should be allowed.

Side Note: You cannot actually add these HTML entities in the External Item QTI Editor, when you paste in QTI containing the physical em-dash or en-dash character the system automatically converts them to HTML entities after saving the item.


Unable to add items to Dictionary (D-25895)


When adding dictionary items and saving an error is occurring:

"There was an error saving the dictionary. This could be caused by missing system configuration (Help). Please contact the Administrator."


7.1707 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
  • Arabic Characters not being translated and are converted to "?????" (D-24710)

  • Arabic - Question Mark needs to be Arabic Commas (D-24711)

What is coming out of the combination of dynamic text and Arabic text is just questions marks.Able to view correctly in TSS player7.1711
When examining items and viewing the membership window details, the system will return to last modified item (D-25580)

When selecting and examining a grouping of items, when the initial item's membership details window is viewed via the questions metadata and then closed upon review with no modifications made. Proceeding to the next item, either through the 'Next' button or drop-down list and selecting the 'Modify' button, the initial item displays rather than the next item selected. This occurs when selecting an item ID from the membership window of a given item.




Enemy items not being found due to preview exam validations (D-25432)When trying to apply an enemy item from the modify question page they are unable to find the enemy item if they are both present on a Preview exam.Get the user who previewed the questions to preview a single item to reset their preview exam.7.1710

7.1706 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Issue with Matching items scoring (D-24578)Issue with Matching Items scoring correctly. When the items have been created and exported the scoring action is adding 0 to the score variable upon selecting the correct responses, with both Default or Item scoring selected. Item scoring can be set for any number and it still outputs 0. Test publisher to manually modify the QTI.7.1707
Options Reordering on Custom Report (D-27794)When the custom report is run, in some instances the options are showing in the incorrect order on the report. The data in ExamDeveloper is showing correctly, just the report information can be wrong. 7.1802

7.1705 Release


Title (Internal #)

DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Item Similarity Tab appears on Review.aspx (D-24735 )When navigating to the Manage > Project bank area of the tool you will now notice that the tab "Item Similarity" now appears.  7.1708


Title (Internal #)

DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Itembank Item and Asset Viewer permissions not editable (D-28468)On the Manage Itembank > Users area, there are settings to allow a user to View the Items in the Itembank and View the Assets in the Itembank. These settings are not able to be edited from this area any longer.To give users access to view the items, you can give them the Observe permission in all of the projects in the itembank.7.1807
Blueprint classification disappears when items are removed (D-24339)When items are removed from a project the blueprint classification disappears on the items. This results is the items not being searchable and/or when sorting from the Project Bank, the items with not appear listed.  7.1707

At the ItemBank level, the inability to export any items in the custom report "Set my own configuration" regardless of question count. The file generated does not have an extension, therefore you are not able to open the file.

Issue is related to the name of the Item Bank containing a semicolon (";")

  • Edit the Item Bank to remove the semicolon
  • Add .xls extension to the downloaded file in order to view report.
Reference Autocomplete search not returning references (D-24069)When attempting to add the reference to a new item or when modifying an item, the existing reference does not populate in the select reference box and the following message appears "Many more than 50 references were found. Continue to refine the search."

Please navigate to Manage > Configuration > References to enable the "Show drop interface(no auto complete) for reference selection."

The active references in the project will then become available in the drop down list.

7.1704.1 Patch Release

Remote Clients only 7.1704 or lower Releases)

Not receiving error logs (D-25399)

ErrorAutoLogEmailAddress moved to appsettings.config file in 7.1704 release. Pre-1704 remote clients will have this issue and solution is a Hot Fix patch for the hard coded email (rackspace). Remote clients should escalate to their Application Consultant. Hot Fix is Required for Remote Client


7.1702 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Options automatically reordering when on Metadata tab and hitting Return (D-26110)

When creating or modifying an item with either option labels as Alphabetic or Numeric, then navigate to the Metadata tab and without adding or modifying hitting 'Enter"

Result: It will automatically reorder alphabetically or ascending

NOTE: This is occurring thru to 7.1709 release

Not able to import statistics using csv template (D-23525)

When importing statistics using the csv template and uploading an error occurs:

Candidate (N) column not found or missing data for option(s). 

Issue was related to the csv format not containing an Candidate (N) column

Getting unexpected validation errors for some reports (ie - Exam Item stats report and Item stats report) (D-22974)When navigating to Manage > Reports > Additional Reports and selecting either the Exam Item Stats report or the Item Stats Report. The Analysis group and Analysis set drop downs are unexpectedly auto set and a validation error occurs, resulting in the report unable to be generated.Change Analysis set preselection to 'Default' in the project config, then go back to Additional Reports and manually select the analysis group and analysis set desired.7.1704
Pending Assignment emails being sent in error (D-23262)Users received emails for assignments that had not been completed. Some of the emails were over a year old. It was found that the mail job was timing out and not actually sending the assignments previously.Users can go through and delete any assignments that are still outstanding in the system or turn off the email notifications for the project.7.1704
Unable to open collections link from membership page (D-23057)When opening the membership page and clicking on any collection link the page times out and the user is kicked out of the application.Navigate to Manage–>Project Bank–>Collections and select the magnifying glass (view) button7.1704


7.1701 Release


As a manager, navigating to Manage > Project Bank > Retrieve questions. When selecting questions of different review states > Click on HTML button 

Expected result: HTML report should display the Review states of the question as Status

 Actual: Only Review is displayed in status label, and no states are mentioned.





On the Set Standard page, if a user clicks the "Take Exam" Button on the left of the screen, an exception is shown the user.



You are seeing this because an error occurred in this application. Try one of three options:


Exception at Void Page_Load(System.Object, System.EventArgs): Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


When a user selects a draft number from the dashboard with the "Imaging" tab selected the user gets logged out with an error.

Actual result: User gets logged out of ExamDeveloper with the error:

Exception at Void InitListbox (Search.AssetSearchBase, System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListBox): Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Expected result: User should be taken to the Asset search page.


When users are frequently inactivated and activated that users have active assignments assigned to these users, the following message is displayed:

"By choosing to retire the selected user(s), any write, review or validate assignments will be deleted and they will no longer have access to the system. Are you sure you want to retire the selected user(s)?"

The assignments are not being deleted from the user(s), which is the expected behavior. Therefore, the verbiage needs to be corrected.



7.1612 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Question with Exhibit is displayed twice on Add Exam page, when same question is added to different sections and sections in Exam (D-21481)With the Configuration setting for "The same item can be added to multiple sections within the same exam form" set to "ON". When adding a item containing and exhibit to multiple sections to an Exam Form, the item will appear correctly in the first section, however will appear twice in the other section. Click HERE for an example. 7.1702
Exception on View Exam Form Page when select pagination (D-21478)

When navigating to Create Exam form>View Exam Form and selecting 50 Item per page drop-down, an exception occurs.

Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached.

Select for Pagination 40 or less items per page.7.1702
Unable to export exam when question type is changed while modifying the question (D-21210)

When a question type is changed to an item contained on an Exam form, the QTI package will not export and an error message occurs:

"You are seeing this because an error occurred servicing the current request. Please quote the error described below when reporting the problem: An unspecified error has occurred. It is possible you may have been logged out of the system.



7.1611 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release

Users getting kicked out when viewing membership tab

Users are reporting random kickouts when viewing the membership link on specific itemsTo check enemy relationships, exam and section associations you can run a custom report7.1612


7.1610 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Sorting by Blueprint not functioning on Create/Edit Exam page (D-21328)D-21328



After adding unsectioned items to an exam form selecting the Blueprint ID from the drop down and selecting the "Sort" button does not function

There are two workarounds:

  1. Create a section and re-order the items by blueprint and then attach the section to the exam form
  2. Use the ExamImportTemplate.xls to import an exam with the items in the desired order

Unable to load Display Type Items using XML template. (D-20798)

Question gets imported, but it is not displayed on Mange>Import page.

Use Excel Template or enter Display-Type items manually.

Unable to download a Section HTML Output Reports (D-20621)After an HTML Output Report generates, selecting the Download Report Button, the content disappears with only the Section title appearing and the report does not download.
  1. Search for items belonging to a particular section from the Search Questions screen.
  2. Select all and run the HTML report.
  3. Download the Report.
Wildcard characters in QTI Builder sometimes replaced by double or incorrect characters (D-20883) In some cases, the "$" and "#" wildcard characters are being replaced with two characters (e.g. "AB" rather than simply "A") or incorrect, non-legal characters.Manually correct the section idents in the exported QTI before compiling.7.1611
Unable to Get reference by PubMed Id in Question (D-20839)

On Reference tab, selecting "Add Reference" button and attempt to enter PubMed Id then clicking "Get PubMed reference" button

Result: The Remote Server returned error: (500) Internal Server Error

Note: this was prompted by a change to the PubMed API on the NCBI side.

To be able to use the updated API, a change in ExamDeveloper was required (and made in the 7.1611 release).

Clients using versions of ExamDeveloper earlier than 7.1611 will not be able to use the PubMed feature since those versions use the previous version of the API.

Due to API update from NCBI7.1611

7.1609 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Cases containing tables that a header column that is merged across multiple columns causes the expansion/contraction of columns occurring in all cells below the merged header when spilt screen divider is adjusted in TSS.(D-20473)When split screen divider is adjusted in the case stem containing a table that has a header column that is merged across multiple columns, it causes the cells to expand/contract. Click here for a before screenshot of table with no adjusted made to the split screen divider. Click here for a after screenshot of table after split screen divider is adjusted.y default QTI creates only one <colgroup> tag containing the width attribute for the 1st column under the merged header, not for remaining columns, resulting in a dynamic width. For resolution, add to each remaining columns the <colgroup> tag and setting the width attribute value accordingly within the QTI.7.1612

Spreadsheet: Condition Statement generated for unscored cell in QTI (B-49993)

When using Test driver scoring on a spreadsheet item if you were to specify an unscored cell by unselecting the "Apply Scoring" check box the QTI generates a null condition statement for that unscored cell, thus not allowing the item to score properly. 7.1611

7.1608 Release 

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Asset metadata warning message appearing when it should not (D-20071)Incorrect warning message about required metadata appearing after attaching an asset to metadata field in some projects 7.1705
Duplicate images appearing in the HTML export of a collection (D-20097)Images in items are sometimes appearing duplicated in collection HTML export 7.1702
Users unable to choose review states when changing asset state (D-20296)Users are unable to select one of the asset review states when trying to change the state either through examining the asset or batching editing. 7.1612


7.1607 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Not able to sort by "Editable On" in some Item banks (D-19860)Not able to sort by "Editable On" in some Item Banks 7.1609
Unable to cancel or save changes to case leadin when inside of the edit case popup (D-19776)Unable to cancel or save changes to leadin when inside of the edit case popup 7.1608
Spreadsheet asset attachments don't output default 'maxcolumn' and 'maxrow' settings in QTI (D-19867)Spreadsheet asset attachments don't output default 'maxcolumn' and 'maxrow' settings in QTI 7.1608



7.1605 Release

Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release

MathML not inserting formula into items(D-19107)

MathML appearing as broken image link in item editor 7.1607
Blueprint Dropdown (D-19110)Blueprint dropdown is not always populating during item writing 7.1606


Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
SVG Thumbnail exporting too large in TSS (D-27686)When an svg file is uploaded and set to be used an an exhibit asset type, when the image is exported on an exam, the thumbnail that is created for the image is too large. 7.1803
Exhibit QTI exported in wrong order (D-18874)Sometimes QTI does not compile when using exhibits as the Compiler expects exhibits to appear in the itempool file before the items that refer to them.In QTI itempool, move exhibits to beginning of the file.7.1705
Split Screen Exhibit window does not fully expand (D-18934)When a split screen exhibit item is created and exported with only an asset attached an extra material tag is generated in the QTI, thus preventing full expansion of the asset (image/PDF).Remove extra <material> <mattext /> <material> tags in itempool.xml file under asset reference on exhibit item.7.1612