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Title (Internal #)DescriptionWork Around (if known)Fixed in Release
Changing target and token size in EM items causing page to be unresponsive (D-28475)When editing Enhanced Matching items, if a user sizes the target or token boxes smaller than the size of the text in the box, the application will become unresponsive and the user will have to force stop the page in order to proceed. 7.1805
Include Previously Reviewed checkbox not working (D-28476)When a user completes their review assignment, it no longer shows on the Summary page since it is complete. Clicking the "Include Previously Reviewed" checkbox will bring back items that the user has reviewed before if there are still items in the assignment. Checking that box will not bring back items if the assignment has been completed. PENDING7.1812
(Exam/Section) Clone and Translate failingWhen translating a form or section to a targeted language the process is failing. Users will noticed when attempting to clone and translate an exam form the process appears to complete immediately but the form is never created. For sections the process continues to run and the system eventually times out with no section created. Manually create your translated form/section using search criteria 7.1802
Split screen Ratio not able to be setWhen adding an asset at the exam level, you are not able to change and save the ratio from 45%. 7.1802
Allow all Permissions role causing error (D-28674)When the Allow All Permissions role was given to a user previously or tried to assign it as a new role, when trying to save the page the user will be kicked out.Give the user the Manage Project role and a role that has Writer, Reviewer permissions7.1804
Review Counts not showing correctly (D-29117)For some users the counts showing on their dashboards and the summary screens are not showing the correct counts of items. When the user clicks the button to complete the assignment the correct numbers does show in the queue.Deleting the assignment and reassigning it does correct the count for the user7.1805
Not able to delete some exam forms (D-28241)When trying to delete some exams, users receive an error stating "Error while deleting an exam"  7.1803