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Comment: Updated for 1905


titleNew Fill in the Blank attributes "CaseSensitive" and "Whitespace"


Fill in the Blank item type: Write Question, Write Case Question, Modify Question, Review Questions


These new elements allow users to define these attributes used by the Test Driver for responses during exam delivery. With these additions, users can define these attributes for Fill in the Blank Text responses. These attributes can be set through the ExamDeveloper Set Restrictions option, and through XML imports. These attributes are exported in both XML and JSON exports.

Item writers can now allow text responses to be upper/lower case, and/or white space insensitive. The two new attributes, Whitespace and CaseSensitive, apply to Text type responses. Whitespace and CaseSensitive attributes are disabled when Integer or Decimal Type responses are selected.

Whitespace: Define how space characters should be treated when evaluating candidate responses in the Fill in the Blank item.

PreserveAll space characters entered are considered when evaluating a candidate's response. No spaces are ignored.
RemoveLeadingAndTrailingIgnores all leading and trailing spaces in candidate responses.
NormalizeIgnore leading and trailing spaces and replaces two consecutive space characters with a single space in candidate responses.
RemoveAllIgnore all spaces when evaluating candidate responses.


CaseSensitive: Define how to evaluate the candidate response using case sensitivity.

YesThe response is case sensitive. The candidate must use the exact capitalization specified in the Fill in the blank field.
NoThe response is not case sensitive.



titleDisplay CaseSensitive and Whitespace in Restrictions table


Fill in the Blank item type: Write Question, Write Case Question, Modify Question, Review Questions, Question Summary, Question History, Examine Questions, Observe Questions, Validate Questions,


The Fill in the Blank Restrictions tables now include the Case Sensitive and Whitespace attributes if they have been applied to the FIB response. CaseSensitive and Whitespace do not appear in the Restrictions tables if those attributes have not been set for the FIB response.