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Click Edit Exam Name to edit the name of the exam. Enter the new exam name and click Save. When you edit the exam name and save the changes, a message states the exam was saved successfully. The new exam name is visible on all screens where exam name is displayed in the application.

Click the Edit icon in the Form Name column to edit the corresponding Draft Exam Form. The Create/Edit Exam Form page is displayed with all the contents of the exam form you are editing. For details, refer to Add an Exam Form.


Only exam forms that have not been Published or Retired can be edited.

View the items, cases, and exam sections on a Published or Retired exam form.

Publish the corresponding Draft exam form.

Clone the exam form.


Only published exam forms can be cloned.

Generate the corresponding exam form in HTML Output format.

Export HTML for Translation in a .zip file that can be sent out for translation.


This functionality requires you to disable any pop-up blocker in your web browser

Generate the corresponding exam form in Microsoft Word format. You can export the form into any of the three following formats:

  • ExamDeveloper Format
  • GARP Format
  • DOCX Format

If you choose DOCX, you can optionally include the exam key and metadata in the export, and you can group all exhibits before the items in the export.

Generate the corresponding exam form in either Prometric or ITS XML format.


View the exam form Question order. Click the button and a pop-up window appears similar to the one below.

Retire the exam form.

Un-retire the exam form.

Delete the exam form.


Only exam forms in the Draft state can be deleted.


Exam group: A grouping label assigned to exam forms when edited as a group.

Form NameName of the exam form.
Form TitleQTI Title of the exam form.


The count of items included in the exam form.

Created on

The date (mm/dd/yyyy format) the exam form was created.


The current state of the exam form.