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  • 4.3.1 Take the Exam

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Comment: added supported item types note

The first step in Setting a Standard is to take the test. This help you gauge the difficulty of the items.


The Take Exam functionality is fully supported for Multiple Choice, One Correct Option; Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct Options; and Shared Option List (R-Type) item types. More complex items can be displayed to the subject matter expert in this step, but allowing the subject matter expert to answer the item is not supported. The subject matter expert can still rate the difficulty and make comments on the complex item types.

Start taking the test

  1. Click Set Standard corresponding to the exam form you want to work on. The Take Exam page is displayed.

    The Take Exam page displays the items on the exam form, one at a time.


    If an item is part of a case, the Exhibit Text from the case is listed above the item.

  2. Answer the item by selecting one of the Options.


    You can use the keyboard shortcut keys (A-Z) and also the <Enter> key to select Answer Options for items with radio button selection.


    Items that are yet to be answered by the SME, include an asterisk (*) beside their number in the Go To drop down list, and the number is displayed in red text. Already answered items are displayed in black text without any asterisk.

  3. Click Next. Your response is saved and the next item is displayed. Note that you can also move between items using these Answer Options:




    Click to view the previous item.


    Click to view the next item.

    Go to

    Select the item you want to view from the list.

  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to answer all the items.
  5. Click Finished to complete the test. The Exam Result page is displayed.


    If you have not answered all of the items on the exam form, the Exam Result page inform you so, and it lists the unanswered items, identifying its Question ID and Question Stem text. You must click the clicking here link to go back and answer the unanswered items in order to proceed further.

  6. Click the click here link to move to the next step Rating Item Difficulty.