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  1. In the Image Annotation editor window, click the  Zoom In button to enlarge the image within the editor. Use the scroll bars on the right and bottom edges of the editor if the entire image cannot be viewed in the editor. 

  2. In the Image Annotation editor window, click the  Zoom Out button to make the image smaller within the editor.


    When you click the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons, the percentage goes up or down by 10%. This does not change the size of the image, only allows you to zoom in or zoom out on the image.

    You may manually change the zoom to a specific percentage by typing in the Canvas Zoom field and hitting the Enter key on the keyboard.

    You may zoom in on an image to as much as 500%, and you may zoom out on an image to as little as 10%.

  3. When you zoom in or out on images that include shapes and text, the shapes and text fields retain their proportion to the image size.
  4. When you edit a text field on an image that is zoomed out, the text field enlarges so you may edit the text. The image remains zoomed out. When you click away from the text field, the text field returns to the smaller zoomed out size.


  1. You can add overlay comments and shapes to individual assets inside an asset stack. To add an overlay comment and/or shape, view the asset stack on the Examine Asset or Review Asset page.
  2. Select the Asset to which you want to add the overlay comment from the Select Asset Stack or File drop-down list, and click Add Comment. A pop-up window opens.

  3. Specify your comment in the Enter Text area.
  4. Add image annotations by providing overlay text and marking areas on the image as required using the shapes and text options. See Add overlay comment to an image and Add overlay shape to an image above for details.
  5. Click Submit for Image Edit.


    Submit For Image Edit button is enabled only if the project has users with the Asset Processing role, apart from Project Manager and Manage Assets role users. This creates a task on the ExamDeveloper dashboard for users that review assets.

    Image Overlay is displayed only for the file types .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .tif, and .gif.


    Enter Text field is mandatory.

  6. The comment is added and becomes visible under the Add Comment button.

  7. You can edit the comment by clicking the  Edit icon and also delete the comment by clicking the  Delete icon.