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The Question stem and the answer options can be formatted using the formatting toolbar just above the text. The TinyMCE editor controls will not auto-load by default when a user opens the Write Question page.

The TinyMCE editor controls present near the top of all the dialogue boxes on the Write Question page is hidden by default when the page is opened. It only becomes available once a user clicks inside one of the dialogue boxes, and only for that particular dialogue box. The user can then input rich text content into the dialogue box. Once the user clicks on another such dialogue box, the TinyMCE editor controls appear in that dialogue box and get hidden in the previous dialogue box.


TinyMCE editor controls are hidden in the dialogue boxes



TinyMCE editor controls become visible in the dialogue box being used

This enhancement improves the load time of the Write Question page as compared to the previous version of the application where TinyMCE editor controls pre-loaded for all the dialogue boxes for the Question. This also makes the page more compact and therefore easier to view on smaller screen devices such as laptops.

All of the icons on the toolbar are described here:



Make the selected text bold, italicize, underline and/or strikethrough.

Add subscript or superscript format to the selected text.

Change the font style of the selected text.

Change the font size of the selected text.

Place the selected text in a bulleted or numbered list.

Insert/edit link or unlink the selected text.

Insert/edit anchor.

Cut or copy the selected text.

Paste or paste as plain text or paste from word.

Find or find/replace the selected text.

Increase or decrease indent or blockquote the selected text.

Reverse the immediately preceding action that was performed with either the keyboard or mouse.

Toggle between the full screen and regular view of the selected fields.

Preview the text.

Change the color of the selected text.

Check spelling of the selected text.

Add mathematical formulas. For more details click

Add assets to the Questions or answer options as required.

Edit the HTML source code of the entered text. Click 2.7.1 Working with HTML Content for more details on working with HTML content.

Insert a new table or modify the existing table in the Question stem or answer option. Click 2.7.2 Inserting table and its formatting for more details on inserting a table and its formatting.

Set the properties of the row and cell in a table.

Insert row before and/or insert row after selected row, or delete rows in a table.

Insert columns before and/or after selected column, or delete columns in a table.

Split merged tables/cells and/or merge tables/cells in a table.

Insert horizontal ruler.

Remove all formatting from the selected text.

Cleanup messy code.

Toggle guidelines/invisible elements.

Insert a custom character. This icon brings up a window that shows all the available custom characters:

Hover mouse pointer over a character to view a larger image and its description. Click the character to insert it into the text area.


The content you type in and format for the Question and answer area is saved in HTML code. If you have experience using HTML, you can edit the HTML code.

You can insert tables for better explanation of Questions, if required, which can be introduced in the Question stem or even in the options for some Question types.

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