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 You can change multiple properties of selected Questions on the Batch Edit page.

To access the Batch Edit page:

Click Search Questions page → Batch Edit


As Project Manager, you do not have to move Questions back to the Review state if you are the one who is going to make the changes. You can make changes using the Question Bank page regardless of the state of the Question, with the exception of Locked Questions, which must first be Cloned.

To edit multiple Questions at a time:

  1. Search for Questions.


    For details, refer to Searching Questions.

  2. Select the Questions you want to Examine.
  3. Click Batch Edit. The Batch Edit page will appear.


The Batch Edit page has the following features:


Changes you can make

Blueprint ID

Select the Blueprint ID from a dropdown list to be applied to the selected Questions.


Add References to the selected Questions.

Option Location

Select Enable Randomization radio button to randomize the positioning of the Answer Options when the selected Questions are presented to Examinees or select Disable Randomization radio button to disable randomization of the same.


Add Comments to the selected Questions.


Change the state of the selected Questions.


Add a Search Label to all Questions, either by selecting from the list of existing Search Labels or by adding a new Search Label. You may also choose to remove all existing Search Labels associated with the Questions.


A Search Label once added will remain in the system and cannot be modified or deleted.

Part of Collection

Make the selected Questions part of an existing Collection selected via a dropdown.

Find and replace question text

Change the Question text by using Find and replace Question text feature for all of the selected Questions.

Insert the text to be replaced in Text to replace field, and insert the text to replace with in Text replace with field.

Language Code

You can apply a Language Code of all the selected Questions by selecting this checkbox. A dropdown appears listing all the Language Codes from the current Item Bank for you to choose one.

Metadata name

Metadata available in the current Project will be displayed with their names and individual selection checkboxes. On selecting the checkbox for a particular Metadata, you can manipulate the Metadata for all the selected Questions in the same way as you would for a single Question. Depending on the Metadata type, you may be able to add, remove, or modify the content or check/uncheck the checkbox in case of Checkbox type Metadata.

Clone Questions

Clones the selected Questions. Please note that the original Question and its clone will become Enemies. The Enemies of the original Question will also become the Enemies of the cloned Question.

A confirmation popup window will appear with checkboxes for StatisticsBlueprint, or Metadata, which must be checked in order to transfer information related to these parameters from the original Question to the cloned Question.

When you opt to uncheck the Statistics checkbox, and the Question has statistics associated with it via External ID, the statistics will not get transferred to the cloned Question, but the External ID will. In the previous versions of ExamDeveloper, the statistics used to get transferred to the cloned Question regardless of the state of the Statistics checkbox.
You can opt via radio button options to make the original Question Obsolete, so that only the cloned Question will be active. You can select the second radio button instead, to keep the original Question also active so that there will be two active versions of the same Question in the Item Bank.

If the Question being cloned is part of a Draft Exam Form/Section, a warning message will be displayed mentioning the name of the Draft Exam Form/Section. This message will not be displayed if the Question is part of a published Exam Form/Section.


Questions in Obsolete state can only be cloned with batch edits. No other actions under batch edits are permissible.

Copy statistics from last versionClicking this link will copy the statistics from the last version of the Question containing statistics, to the current version.


4. Select the properties you want to edit. As you keep selecting properties, the editable fields for each property will be displayed in the lower half of the page.


5. Edit the properties as required.

6. Click Preview Edits.

7. Batch Edit page will be displayed notifying the user about the number of Questions affected and the criteria to be modified.


8. If you wish to edit more properties for the same selected set of Questions, click Re-Edit instead of Save. Once you have made the necessary edits, you can click Preview Edits to return to the page as in step 7 to finalize the batch edits.

9. Click Save to save the changes for the Questions selected from the Project Bank page.

10. Click Search for more Questions to navigate back to the Question Bank page to search for more Questions to be batch edited with the same changes.



During Batch Edit, when you try to save a group of Questions and if at least one of these Questions versions has Statistics tied to it, you will be prompted with radio button choices for Retain Statistics or Do not retain Statistics, user is required to have permission to modify the Question.

Retain Statistics: the Statistics of the Question prior to modifications will be inherited by the modified Question.

Do not retain Statistics: the Statistics field of the modified Question will become blank.


The radio buttons to confirm whether or not to retain statistics while trying to save Questions with statistics after batch editing, will not be shown if the Show 'Retain Statistics' pop-up warning for modified items checkbox on the Project tab of the Project's configuration page is unchecked. This checkbox is enabled by default, and hence the radio buttons will also appear by default.

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