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Date available on Pearson VUE Hosted Server:  Thursday, March 21, 2019

Potential date available for Remote Deployment Installations:  

Why is there a delay of releases for remote deployment installations?

There is usually a slight delay of releases for remote deployment installations while code is compiled and packaged into an installer package.

This list is a summary of planned changes for the release and the final list of changes included may be different. Please check back after the release date for the complete list of changes included.

Please be sure to review the Known Issues page to see a list of any continuing defects seen in the application.

Links to updated help topics

See Updated help topics in this release at the bottom of the page. A list of all the help topics that were updated in this release are listed with links to the topics.


Release Updates


 Click the links below to expand the explanation for the enhancement.

 The Reference Editor user interface was enhanced


Write Question, Write Case Question, Modify Questions in Review, Modify Questions from Examine Questions page


The Add Reference pop-up now lists just the Type of reference drop-down list, Add New Reference button, and the Existing reference field for users to type in an existing reference or select an existing reference from the list.

The Add New Reference pop-ups were cleaned up. All the reference fields are lined up vertically, the Component field has been moved to the bottom of the pop-up for all reference types. You can select ItemKey, or Distractor from the drop-down list. The Component text field has been enhanced. You can now enter up to 15,000 characters in the Component field. A vertical scroll bar appears if you have large amount of text.

If you have selected one of the reference Types from the drop-down list, clicked the Add New Reference button, entered various reference fields, and then select a different reference Type from the drop-down list, all the fields you entered are cleared out and you are returned to the beginning Add Reference pop-up. You must click the Add New Reference button again and enter the required fields.

 When you choose to edit an existing reference by clicking the Edit icon on the Reference accordion tab, the Edit reference pop-up window opens. You are unable to change the Type of reference. The Source name is the only field that is populated. All other reference fields are cleared and you must enter them.

 The References accordion tab was cleaned up


Write Question, Write Case Question, Modify Questions in Review, Modify Questions from Examine Questions page 


The References accordion tab was enhanced to accommodate the change in the Component field. When a component is present for a reference it is listed on the right half of the page. Long Source names either wrap on the left half of the page when a component is present, or they stretch across the entire tab and wrap to the next line when components are not not present in the reference. 

 Question Metadata tab was cleaned up


Question Summary (from Draft Rejected tab), Review Questions, Validate Questions, Observe Questions


The Question Metadata tab has been cleaned up so it is easier to read the data. We have implemented a 20/80 layout with the labels on the left side and the content all aligned vertically on the right side of the tab. The Question IDRevision CodeLanguage, and Language Group fields have been moved on the page. Language group was renamed to Translation group, and Other Language Questions was renamed to Translated questions.

 Consolidate Assessment QTI files


Build QTI Package


Previously, when exporting QTI with multiple exam forms(/assessments) in an exam group, each assessment (Exam Form) had its own xml file with the assessment details. We have consolidated the various assessment files into a single file named Assessment.xml. The QA_Review.xml file remains as is and is not consolidated with the assessments. For consistency, the generated object bank file is now renamed to ObjectBank.xml.

Previously, when exporting QTI, each section produced a separate xml file with the section details. We have consolidated all the section files into one file named Section.xml. Sections that are referenced by other sections are added before the referee section to prevent compilation errors. Section consolidation is also applicable for Object Bank QTI export.

 New Item Check-out page


Build QTI Package


A new Item Check-out page was created for Project Managers to see at a glance what items are currently checked-out. This can be accessed by selecting the Manage → Users menu and selecting the new Item Check-out tab. Project Managers can can check-in individual items, or check-in multiple items all at once on this page.

The grid identifies the Item ID, First name and Last name of user that checked-out the item, Date and Time item was checked-out, and the Check-in due Date and Time.

Project Managers can check-in individual items by clicking the Check-in button for the desired item. Select Check-in from the drop-down menu. The item is checked in.

Project Managers can also check-in multiple items by selecting their check boxes and then clicking the Check-in selected items button. Select Check-in from the drop-down menu. The items are checked in.

Note: The Item Check-out page does not refresh in near real-time unless you check-in an item.

 "Phantom" check-in scenario updates in near real-time


Examine Questions, Review Questions, Validate Questions


Users viewing items on the Examine Questions, Review Questions, Validate Questions page receive notifications in near real-time if other users automatically check-out an item and then navigate away from the item. The item remains checked-out for 5 minutes and then the system performs an auto check-in if the user does not return to the page. The notifications that the item is checked out on the Examine Questions, Review Questions, and Validate Questions pages disappear when the system performs the auto check-in.


Fixed Defects

Click the links below to expand the explanation for the defects.

 Invalid margin style not stripped out of Rich Text Editor


All pages that include the Rich Text Editor


When users copy and paste text into the Rich Text Editor that has margins in anything other than px or pt, the Rich Text Editor was not stripping out invalid margin styles that did not comply with what is supported in the Pearson VUE test driver. This defect has been fixed so invalid margin styles are now stripped out.

 Error when inserting Dynamic Text Photo-left in item from DT itembank


All pages that include the Rich Text Editor


When an Itembank Manager created a DT itembank and then tried to Insert → Dynamic Text → Photo-left in an item, when they submitted the item they were prohibited from submitting the item and an error message stated, "Margin in Question Stem is set in unit other than px or pt." This issue has been resolved.

 Next and Previous buttons on Review Questions page performance improvement

Previously it was taking 20 - 30 seconds to move between items on the Review Questions page when users clicked the Next or Previous buttons. Users should now see a performance improvement when moving between items by clicking the Next and Previous buttons.

 Reporting Group validation showing up on QTI page

When exporting QTI Package, an error stating, "This Reporting Group's blueprint does not come from the underlying project's blueprint document. Please regenerate this reporting group." was appearing in the Reporting Group Configuration. This issue has been resolved.


Updated help topics in this release 

The following help topics were updated in this release. Click the link to view the details on each topic.

  • General changes - we are slowing transitioning from the use of the word question and switching to the word item instead. Item is a better description since not all items are questions. You can have an exhibit or a display item which do not ask a question, they simply provide information to the candidate. Item is a more generic term.
  • Chapter 2 - Develop Items

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