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 You can change multiple properties of selected questions on the Batch Edit screen, which you access by clicking Batch Edit on the Search Questions screen.


As Project Administrator (ie Manager) for a project, you do not have to move questions back to the "Review" state if you are the one who is going to make the changes. You can make changes using the Question Bank page regardless of the state of the question, with the exception of "Locked" questions, which must first be Cloned.

To edit multiple questions at a time:
  1. Search for questions.

    For details, refer to Searching Questions.

  2. Select the questions you want to examine.
  3. Click Batch Edit. The Batch Edit screen comes up.
Changes you can make

Blueprint Id

Select the Blueprint ID of the questions from a drop-down list.


Add references used by the questions.

Option Location

Select to randomize the positioning of the options when the question is presented to examinees.


Add comments to the questions.


Change the state of the questions.


To add the contents for the selected metadata type/types.


Add a search label to all of the questions, either by selecting from the list of existing labels or by adding a new search label. You may also choose to remove all existing search labels associated with the questions.

Part of Collection

Change membership of questions within question collections

[Remaining Items]

These are all custom metadata for the project that can be associated with the selected questions

4. Select the properties you want to edit. As you keep selecting properties, the editable fields for each property show up in the lower half of the screen.

5. Edit the properties as required.

6. Click "Preview Edits".

7. Batch Edit page will be displayed notifying the user about the number of questions affected, and the criteria to be modified for the questions.

8. Click "Save", to save the changes for the questions selected from the Project Bank page.

9. Click "Re-Edit" to edit more properties; to change the properties selected, for the same set of questions selected from the Project Bank page.

10. Click "Search for more questions", to navigate back to the Project Bank page.


You can also Clone Questions from the Batch Edit screen.

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