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To access the Cases page:

Select the Develop Questions → Cases menu.

All the existing cases from the current project are displayed by default. You can narrow down the list by specifying your own search criteria and clicking Search.

The Cases page includes the following features:



The Edit button allows you to edit the corresponding Draft case.

The Delete button allows you to delete the corresponding Draft case.

The View button allows you to view the items on the corresponding Draft case.

Case IDSystem-generated identifier assigned to a case.
LanguageThe language assigned to the case.

Case name

The name of the case.


The number of items assigned to the case.

The cases are listed in the ascending alphanumeric order by case names. The list can be reordered by clicking the Case ID, Language, Case name, or Questions headers to change the list order to ascending (or descending on the second click).

Search for cases

If you have a large number of cases, you can use the Search Criteria to search for specific cases.

  • Case ID: Enter the Case ID.
  • Case Name: Enter text in the case name to locate the desired case.
  • Case exhibit language: Select a language from the drop-down list. This is the languages that are in the Item Bank for your project.
  • Case exhibit text: Enter text within the exhibit text of the case.
  • On exam form: Select the exam form(s) in the list to locate the desired case.

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