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To access the Review Workflow page:

Click on Manage → Setting → Review Workflow. The Review Workflow page comes up.



Allow users to review their own questions

Choose "Yes", to allow the authors to review their own questions.

Number of people needed to accept a question to approve it

The number of reviewers who must accept a question in its current form before it is approved. Allowed values range from 0 to 15; the default is 3 .


A reviewer who makes a modification to a question counts as its first approver.

Setting this to 0 will cause the review process to be entirely skipped.

Number of people needed to reject a question to discard it

The number of reviewers who must reject a question in its current form before it is returned to the author as rejected. Allowed values range from 1 to 15; the default is 3.

Require reviewers to classify unclassified questions to level

Choose Yes if reviewers should ensure the question is correctly classified, and then pick from the drop down list the level to which the question should be classified.
'Lowest Level' in the drop down list indicates that in a blueprint of varying depth, the lowest level must be selected irrespective of the depth.


This can not be set to "None', with the "Number of people needed to accept a question to approve it" as 0.

Require Comment on modifying question

Choose Yes if the reviewer should record/explain changes made in the edit

Email notification about new items to review/validate

This specifies how often reviewers will be notified about pending questions that they must review. The options are:

  • Off (No e-mails are sent)
  • Immediate (An e-mail is sent whenever a completed question becomes available)
  • Daily (The default; reviewers receive an e-mail once a day)
  • Weekly (Reviewers receives an e-mail once a week)

    Specifying Immediate can result in several e-mails being sent daily, so use this option with care.

After selecting all information click Update to save changes and click Cancel to discard changes.

To select review states:

Click on Select review states. The page with list of Available Review states and the Current Order for that review state is seen.

You can change the order by clicking  arrows.

To save changes, click Save or to discard the changes, click Cancel.

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