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The following instructions are applicable only for ExamDeveloper version 7.1902 or less release. From 1903 we introduced an automated process without human interactions using DBUP scripts, all scripts will execute automatically while starting the microdevices. The menu item of Script Status also removed from admin user login portal.

For Examdevelop release below 1903, the application should be brought back online at this point and all the micro-services should also be restarted.

The next step in the process is to update the SQL Server database to the latest version using Database Migration Utility within the application administrator's account. Log into the application as the application administrator (edisupport) and visit the Script Status page. The list shows all of the scripts that are required to be run for the current release version. If some of them are listed as "Not Executed" you must click the Run All Scripts at the bottom of the page.


When all the scripts are executed successfully an alert message is displayed Scripts are executed successfully. You can proceed further. This confirms that all the scripts have been executed successfully. Ordinarily, the Script Status page displays the script run success in green text as Success for individual scripts when the particular script has run successfully.



Since the scripts only run once, it is perfectly fine to click Run All Scripts even if there are no scripts showing Not Executed as only unexecuted scripts are run upon clicking this button, while scripts that have already run are skipped. Therefore, it is a good practice to always visit the Script Status page and click Run All Scripts whenever an upgrade is performed.


Typically, if there are scripts that need to be run, when you log into the Administrator portal, you are taken directly to the Script Status page. However, if you do not land on this page directly, it is still advisable to click the Script Status link at the top of the page and follow the procedure mentioned earlier.


Once the application files are upgraded as described in Upgrade Application Files, all users except the system administrator are locked out of the application until all Database Migration Scripts are executed. If users are reporting an error on the login page that says, "The application upgraded process is incomplete", this indicates the need to visit the Script Status page to execute the migration scripts.


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