The Show Blueprint Status shows the progress of Questions across the Project’s Blueprint at the Project’s Tally Level. The Blueprints can be viewed by selecting the Tally Level needed from the Blueprint Level dropdown.

For Level 1 (Domain), only Level 1 Blueprints will be displayed:


For Level 2 (Task), only Level 2 Blueprints will be displayed.


For Level 3 (Subtask), only Level 3 Blueprints will be displayed, and so on...


The Show Blueprint Status table displays the following details of the Project:




The Blueprint ID of the Question.


The name of Blueprints in Project for which the users will submit Questions.

# Written

The number of Questions written for the corresponding Blueprint ID.

# Accepted

The number of Questions accepted for the corresponding Blueprint ID.

# Rejected

The number of Questions rejected for the corresponding Blueprint ID.


The list can be ordered in ascending or descending alphanumeric order by clicking on the corresponding header link.


The "# Rejected" State column header text may appear altered, depending on the text provided in the Reject State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.