For a Question to reach the final Returned state depends on the number of Reviewers assigned for the Question.

As a Reviewer, if you feel the Question does not meet the requirements, then you should return the Question. Upon clicking the Return button, a dialog box asks you to enter a mandatory explanation for returning the question.

Only the last reviewer has the ability to choose where to send the question when returning it.

All other reviewers may only supply a reason for returning the question.


If there is more than one Reviewer, the return process must meet the return criteria decided for the Question.

For example, if there are two Reviewers for a Question, a minimum of 2 Reviewers (or as decided) is required to return the Question.

The user returning the Question gets the pop-up window to choose the state, if the state of the Question is going to be changed.

Only the last Reviewer will see the drop-down option to choose where to send the Question. All other reviewers may only add a comment and Submit. Also, only the last reviewer is given the option to retain statistics on the current revision. The ability to retain statistics is not available for other reviewers.



The "Return" button text, "Reject" text for button description in the review process explanation paragraph near the top of the page, "Returned By" text in User Tracking, title text of the Return Question Comment box, additional occurrences for returned Question: State text and Comment title text. For HTML Report obtained after rejecting a Question during Review and clicking Print: Status text, "Returned By" text, and Comment title in Question Report on the Review Questions page may appear using other words, depending on the text provided in the Reject Button and Reject State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.

In ExamDeveloper versions prior to 1809, these buttons were labeled as Reject and Rejected. For existing projects after 1809, these buttons will retain whatever you named the Custom Label. If you had Reject and Rejected, that will remain as Reject and Rejected.