As Project Administrator, you can use the Manage Users page to: 

You can grant different access rights to users by managing roles and role assignments, and you can assign work to users. The creation and management of committees can also be performed using this page.

To access the Manage Users page:

  1. Click Manage → Users. The Manage Users page comes up.

Existing users in your organization are listed with the following details:



Click to edit the user's details.

Click to Login as the user.

Click to reset the user's password to a new random password.

Possible security risk as Manager is logging in as that user

Click to reset the user's authentication answers

Indicates that the user is Active. Click to retire the user.

Indicates that the user is Retired. Click to activate the user.

Indicates that the user has not filled in their profile. Click to go to the Contact Users page to remind them to update their profile.

Indicates that the user has updated her profile. Click to view the user's profile.


The user's full name.


The user's username.

Last Login

Date and time of the user's last login to ExamDeveloper.


The projects assigned to the user.

You can sort the list by Name, Username, or Last Login, by clicking on the respective column header; clicking once again sorts the list in descending order.