An R-Type Items consists of a rich text passage known as Lead-In and a set of Answer Options that are shared by all the items included in the R-Type items. Questions Stems for an R-type item can be submitted either from already available R-Type items or by creating new R-Type Question Stems.

Create R-Type items

  1. Select the Develop Questions → Write Item menu.
  2. Click the Write Question link. 
  3. On the Write Question page, select Shared Option List (R-Type) from the Question Type drop-down list.

  4. The screen appears very similar to the MCQ type of items.

    Please visit the Language-related features in Items page to learn about the Language Code drop-down list.

    1. Enter the Lead-in text for the R-Type item. The Lead-in text relates to each of the items in the R-Type item.
    2. Enter the Answer Options in the Rich Text editor in the Options tab. The Options are the answers that can be selected for each of the items on the Stems tab.

    3. You can use the automatically populate the R-Type options group list via template that is saved in the R-Type Options setting of the project Configuration.
      1. Click the drop-down list in front of Select template options group in the Options tab and select one of the saved templates.
      2. Click the Populate Options List button to automatically populate the options list with options saved in the selected template. This only pulls data from the templates. You can modify the data to suit your requirements.

        The Lead-In, Options, and Question Stems all have Rich Text editors. Thus, it is possible for these elements to have rich text content including text with different fonts and styles as well as images. You can also add assets to these elements. 

  5. You can add additional Answer Options by clicking the  Add Distractor icon. If you wish to remove an Answer Option, then you can do so by clicking the  Remove Distractor icon next to it.

    The default setting is four Answer Options, but the Project Manager might choose to allow questions with a different number of Answer Options by selecting the Allow Differing Option Count setting on the Questions tab of the project's Configuration page. If differing option counts are allowed, you’ll see the Add Distractor icon after the stem and Remove Distractor icon corresponding to Answer Options. Use the Add Distractor icon to add an option, and use the Remove Distractor icon to remove the corresponding Answer Option.

    The Answer Option is deleted without any warning if you click on the Remove Distractor icon. The only way to restore the deleted Answer Option is to click the Cancel button below the item, which also reverses any other modifications you made to the item in the current editing session.

    The minimum number of Answer Options is 2.

    It is possible to sort the Answer Option in ascending alphabetical order by clicking the  alphanumeric sorting button on the right side. The Option Label order remains the same.

    The number of Answer Options or even the ability to change the number of Answer Options depends on the Allow Differing Option Count setting in the Questions tab of the project Configuration page.

  6. You can select the check box next to Custom Option Label if you wish to specify your own custom label(s) for the Answer Options. 

    It is possible to enter only a single alphabet or number in the custom Option label or it can be left blank.

  7. You can use the corresponding arrow  Move Up and Move Down icons on the right to manually reorder the Options as required.

    If you rearrange the order of the Options and the options have been applied to the question stems on the Stems tab, you must reapply the correct Options to the Question Stems.

    Only users with the permissions Create Questions, Review Questions, and Validate Questions can access this page. 

  8. Now click the Stems tab. You can enter the Question Stem in the Rich Text editor.

  9.  Select the correct Answer Option for this Question Stem from the Correct option drop-down list. The selected Option text is displayed in the Correct option text.

    Weights affect the examinee’s score for an item. Assigning weights is optional and can be done via the Weight drop-down list.

    The default selection item over here is Default, which assigns a score of "1" to the item.

    If you choose to assign a custom weight for the item, then you must select Item from the drop-down list. A text box appears next to the drop-down list, where you can enter the weight value for the item.

    Item weight can be a positive decimal or integer value. It can range from ".001" to "9999".

  10. You can also add Question Stems previously created in other R-Type items by clicking the Search for Stems button to add Question Stems present in previously written R-Type items. A pop-up window with controls to search and retrieve opens. You are only adding the questions to your R-Type item. You must provide the correct answer to these items in the Options tab of your R-Type item.

    Retrieve Questions button. You can then select the Question Stems to be added to the R-Type item by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the item listed in the search result, and click the Add Question Stem button to add them to the R-Type item. In case a selected R-Type item in the search result has more than one Question Stem, then all the Question Stems from that item are added to the R-Type item being created.

    Only the rich text stem data (including any assets, MathML equations, etc.) from the previously created Question Stems are added to the R-Type item, while other associated data such as blueprint, metadata, and comments are not transferred.

  11. You can add additional Question Stems by clicking the  Add New Stem icon. If you wish to remove a Question Stem, then click the  Remove Stem icon next to it.

    The Question Stem is deleted without any warning if you click on the delete icon . The only way to restore the deleted Question Stem is to click the Cancel button below the item, which also reverses any other modifications you made to the item in the current editing session.

    The minimum number of Question Stems is 1.

    The number of Question Stems or even the ability to change the number of Question Stems depends on the Maximum Stems for R-Type Questions setting in the Questions tab of the project Configuration page.

  12. If you have more than one Question Stem, then click the corresponding arrow on the right to reorder the Question Stem with reference to the ones before or after it. There is no confirmation message upon clicking the arrows and the Question Stems are immediately reordered.
  13. Blueprint, references, comments, and metadata can be specified as mentioned in other Item types.

    The same blueprint, references, comments, and metadata are applicable to all the Question Stems.

  14. After entering all the data for the item, you can click on one of the below buttons:


A user can click Submit on Behalf of drop-down control and select one of the user names in the list to submit an item on behalf of the selected user. The user list contains names of users enabled in the current project, except for the user who has logged in and is viewing the list. The list is displayed in ascending order by last name, first name, and user name. Once you click the Submit button, the item saves to the Draft mode and does not show for the current user.

Submit on Behalf of drop-down list is not available at the time of Modify Question.

Click the Check Spelling link to check spellings for text in Stem and Options. The spelling is checked first against the built-in or installed dictionary and then against the words specified for exclusion on the Dictionary tab of your project's settings.

Keep in mind that for users to write this type of item, it must be enabled on the Questions tab of the project's Configuration page. From Manage → Settings → Configuration → Questions → Allow Question types, select Shared Option List (R-Type) from the list and click Update. If you do not see this type of item in the list, please contact your Project Manager to change the project settings.