The Question Summary section on the Validate Questions page displays the Question stem and Answer Options.

If another user begins editing the item while you are validating the item, a message notifies you that, "<first name> <last name> checked out item 12345 on MMM DD, YYYY at HH:MM." If the user checks-in the item without making any changes to the item, the message disappears.

If the user modifying the item creates a new revision of the item, a message notifies you that, "Item 12345 has been updated. Refresh the page to load the latest data."

If Restrictions have been applied to Fill in the Blank type items, balance your mouse pointer over the Information icon and a pop-up Restrictions table summarizes the restrictions placed on the Answer Option.

Along the middle of the page are five tabs: Question Metadata, User Tracking, Comments, History, and Statistics.

  1. The Question Metadata tab displays information about the item such as the Blueprint ID and any custom metadata such as Categories and Keywords.
  2. The User Tracking tab identifies who has reviewed the item.
  3. The Comments tab has an Add Comment button to add a comment to the item. This is visible to everyone viewing the item. You can view any comments made on the item as it went through the review process.
  4. The History tab notes the current item along with all previous revisions of the item as Revision IDs.
  5. The Statistics tab displays information about the Analysis Group(s) and Analysis Set(s) attached to the item. This tab not present if no statistics are attached to the item.

    The Analysis Group and Analysis Set drop-down lists are pre-populated according to the selection made on the Statistics tab under Manage Configuration.