As an Observer in ExamDeveloper, you can view all aspects and related aspects of items present in a project.

The View Questions page allows you to search and view items.

The Project Manager determines the Observer's amount of access (limited or full) to view different aspects related to the items.

Observers are restricted to view items only in Review, Validate, Completed, or Locked states.

Draft, Returned, and Imported, state items cannot be retrieved from the Observe page. Obsolete items can be allowed to be searched depending on project settings.


Access the View Questions page

Select the Observe → View Questions menu. 

If you know there are more items in a project, but they are not displayed in the search results, it is because of the state of the item. Items in Draft, Returned or Imported status are not displayed in item search results. Obsolete items can be searched if the project setting is allowed and State equals Obsolete is added.