You can view specific items by providing suitable search criteria to search items in a project.

Retrieve specific items

  1. Go to the View Questions page.
  2. Select the search criteria from the drop-down list.

  3. Select the operators available with the search criteria.
  4. Enter the specific text or select the appropriate options in accordance with the selected search criteria.
  5. Click Retrieve Questions. The project Item Bank is searched according to the entered criteria and the search results are displayed.

  6. Click  the check box to the left of the item(s) you would like to view.
  7. Click View Questions to view the selected items from the bottom of the View Questions page.
  8. Click HTML to view the selected items in an HTML report format.

To view all active items in the project, do not specify any criteria using the Question ID search.

Comments + Comment Flag + exists returns all the items with a comment tied to them of that type.

As well as:
Comments + NOT + Comment Flag + exists returns all items that do NOT contain a comment of that type.

If you click Refresh after specifying criteria, you are able to see how many items would be retrieved if the search were performed with the current criteria. You may want to narrow your search if too many items are retrieved, or broaden it if you get very few results (or none at all).

When using the Question Text and Option Text in searches, the searches are limited to only 450 characters of the text fields.

The Project Bank, Observer, and Build Exam search pages automatically filter out the inactive (rejected and obsolete) items to limit the results to only items that can be used on exam forms. However, the Project Bank page under Manage, can retrieve those items by simply adding State = Obsolete (or Rejected) in addition to any other state you would like to see in the search results. The Observer and Build Exam search pages are never able to retrieve Rejected or Draft items, however there is a project setting that allows observers to search for Obsolete items from the Observer page.

There are several key differences between these two pages:

  1. The Observer search page allows a read-only view of the Project Bank. Search on the Project Bank page under Manage allows the items to be edited.
  2. The Observer search page can be configured to limit the items shown based on the Questions tab settings of the project's Configuration page. This is not possible for the Project Bank page under Manage.
  3. The Observer search page does not show items in a Draft state. It is possible to search on the Project Bank page under Manage, to display Draft or Obsolete items by specifically using the State = Draft or State = Obsolete searches.